i couldn’t stand being alone in there. i try to silence the fear with my headphones, but i can’t stop seeing things. things that should only come out after dark. these hauntings have followed me for most of my life. i have seen the devil. i know his eyes. he is a man among us and he won’t leave me alone. he’s had his way with me and made his mark. this mark tells all of his servants that i am an offering for their obedience. i walk around and see them staring at me, i know what they are thinking, i can see their thoughts.

i can never sleep. i can feel his hand touching me, rubbing my nipples, grabbing my inner thigh, and groaning as if i were his wife. it’s crazy how such a thing is filmed in movies and actors can portray it, while the audience just sits and watches without even a slight capability of understanding or even believing that this is happening to someone that they love. or maybe in the exact movie theatre that they are in.

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