feeling good.

today i naturally woke up at 630. i instantly got up and fed the cat, made some fresh cinnamon coffee, and now i am waiting for my hair straightener to get hot enough for my hot mess of hair. hopefully today will be an excellent day, i have to work at 1030 to close (which is seven o’ clock.) blech. but our district manager is coming in today, hopefully i’ll get the butt end of the visit because i am not in the mood to work today. sunday’s should officially be days off, NOone should be allowed to work whether you are religious or not.

i have been listening to ‘shiver’ way too much. (coldplay)

the yankees lost yesterday and so did the giants, what is the world coming to. haha, i am lame.
i think i am going to paint when i get home today. i have been getting some great ideas – dreams and such.

i just realized : i have ALOT of owls in my house. figurines, wall hangings, and rug. HA.
and here i thought i had more elephants. i need to start catching up.
i want to go antiquing so bad. i haven’t in so long. that’s what i shall do on my next day off with phillip.
and maybe head to market. for some fresh veggies and fruits.

this blog was pointless but just enough because my hair straightener is hot enough now.
l – a – m – e.

//ashley mar!e.

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