thank you useless facts app.

so we got finished watching the red sox beat the yankees again.
but the night ended well with useless facts and some pretty hilarious pictures.

useless fact number one.
-in world war one south africa had a baboon in their army named jackie.
(please look up the information because it’s better if you read it first hand.)
but i will leave you with jackie the infamous baboon.


and just in case you were wondering why his left leg is shorter than his right, jackie was wounded in battle leading him to get his left leg amputated. but i encourage everyone to seriously ready jackie’s story. it’s pretty intense.










useless fact number two.
– mark wahlberg has a third nipple.
(oh yes children, dirk diggler has a 3rd nipple.)

and i was pretty excited to see it,
 but don’t get your hopes up.

meh, it still counts – and it’s still hilarious.
enjoy children.
and thank phil’s friend tyler for having this app on his ipod touch,
 because i know i did.


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