need a new hobby? help?

i feel like i am deaf in my right ear or that i have a lot of wax in it and i can’t get any of it out. i hate this. i wish my middle ear would just flush those fluids out already. geesh.  but on a good side note my throat has decided to stop being bothersome and i don’t feel achey anymore. so all that needs to happen is for my hearing to come back because i don’t know what i would do if this continues to happen. but for the not smoking, i am still going strong even though my throat doesn’t hurt. this is going to be the hardest challenge coming up. (and when i start driving because that’s the most i tend to smoke.) but i know i can do this  … but in the back of my head … “ashley, i don’t understand why you stopped smoking, you can still get cancer so stopping makes no difference.” thanks head for being so encouraging. meh, …

hopefully i’ll be back with a bang. 
 i want to start doing something every week – a new hobby?

any ideas?
because drinking is all i got right now. 

  1. i love love love love love the new blog. it’s officially a new added bookmark. . . you are fantastic – cant wait to see/hear you soon!

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